ČEMAT company specialises in manipulation and construction machinery, technologies and components. ČEMAT has operated both in the Czech and Slovak Republics since 1997 and has developed excellent relations with leading producers of manipulation and construction technologies worldwide.

Besides trading manipulation and construction machinery, technologies and their components, ČEMAT offers real estates to rent. The real estates include storing and production facilities, offices and training centres as well as accommodation.

ČEMAT company clients are well aware that the company’s huge catalogues offer a wide range of products and components of manipulation and construction machinery as well as top quality servicing. ČEMAT daily dispatch orders to their clients via stores in Bohumín, Prague, Lovosice (Czech Republic), Martin and Trnava (Slovak Republic).





The main target of our efforts is a happy customer. Highly qualified and experienced staff is ready to make the customers’ wishes come true. Our experience guarantees that we are capable of advising and delivering the most suitable products to each and every customer. When renting our estates, ČEMAT company provides full service (including outsourcing all relevant features as requested by customers).




ČEMAT company provides high quality products and professional service of manipulation and construction machinery, technologies and components.




By 2015 ČEMAT is going to be a leader company specialized in accessories for manipulation and construction machinery with a progressive and innovative response to changes at the market. A company with a major market share with most of our products in the area of both the Czech and Slovak Republics. A company operating within Central Europe. A company with annual turnover of 200 million CZK in our home country.

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